Here are example of learning games for language learning. Several design patterns are provided for creating game.

Pronunciation practise for learning Thai alphabets.

Progression: 95%

I need a nicer audio but cannot find yet. So that is my voice!! I don’t mind to use the other sounds. Please tell me if you want to support.

Pronunciation practise for learning Thai alphabets.

Combine word:

Objective: Learn combine word, two words created one combine word.

Alphabet Quiz

Objective: To learn alphabets in Thai language. We have 44 alphabets, that is why it is very important to memorising.

Practise Tone

Objective: To learn about tones in the Thai language. The tone has five levels according to vowels no tone (Middle: called Saman in Thai), ‘ (Low: called Eke in Thai) , ้ (Falling: called Tho in Thai) ,๊ (Rising: called Tri in Thai ) ,+ (High: called Jattawa in Thai).