Because we provide the tools to support the learner, teacher, and guardians. So the users are all of them.

Our tools can provide some aid for the teachers (part time, tenured teacher) and the guardians who want to teach their kids. What you can do are as follows.

  • Design the period of learning.
  • Create or select the questions to support teaching.
  • Monitor the performance of your students.

What about the learners?

They just play the game by learning through play.

I hate studying in the classroom. I want to learn on my own. However, I need some consultants to support me or guide me to the right direction. You don’t have to sit with me all the time because I am a cool kid. Anyway, I respect you always. 

An eager kid but has unpleasant feeling to the school system .

…or if you hear someone complains like below:

I have no money to support my kid to go to school. 

I have an anxiety about them on their travelling to school which is far from our home.

My kids go to school, but it seems they know nothing. 

The worried guardians