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What is the design pattern for the language learning game ?

The design patterns are the templates for creating digital games. For example, a quiz question can be designed into several design patterns and these may affect the learners who may have differents skill. We see that the design pattern reflects different learning outcome and different learners. Thus the well-designed game should be avaluated on the design pattern. Our design pattarn is evaluated and designed according to the principles of software engineering as well as education purpose.

Below is an example of the design pattern. The design pattern corresponds to data (i.e., question and multiple options) and user interface (combining of medias ; text, picture, image, audio). Thus, it may be suitable for particular learner skill. Not only, the design is important, the content is also critical part.

How do you know the that your students/learners may enhance the language skills?

We also conducted the research to investigate the teaching pedagogy and technique the teachers teach the students. The number of research are investigated and analyzed. So it can be the good tool to transform the learning into the real century 21 using technology.

The design patterns should be assessed by the experts – teachers, this is because:

  • Each learner in particular level may suit to particular user interface.
  • Each leaner in particular level shoud be taugth in a particular way, and this may suit to different ways of data representation.
  • Each learner should be embrace and expand their knwoledge using the provided tools.

As we are the software developer, so we keep following the use of the new technology. Flutter is chosen as the system-driven technology for mobile application. Flutter is beautiful, vibrant, and supportive. Because there are many available shared codes, communities, and knowledge, and it is fast enough for buiding the software with this reliable platform.

Support system

We provide the learning game to public into three kind of different services:

  • Application for the individual learner. This services has two types: free services and subscription services.
    • free services: can access within the free-period.
    • subscription services: can access within subscription periods – per month, six months and per year.
    • Both services have no back-end service provided.
  • Application for the institution and teacher. This service provides front-end and back-end service. The front-end means the applications and the back-end means the application for tracking performances learners. Institution/Teacher can insert new questions. We provide support tools for creating the content.
    Institution/Teacher can track learner performance.
    This service is available for the parents who want to teach their kids.
  • Application for the distributor. We provide customised software. Using the design pattern, we can create the learning game for language learning which anyone wants to be the owner. You will get the application for use with your own data. Remember, the distributor must not use the software application for commercial purpose.
    • Please contact us for more information by sending your email to

Develop the better software for the better knowledge!

We think that the good software should be shared and created together to enhance the knowledge of humanity.

  • Shared data
  • Shared game
  • Shared knowledge

With this digital age, the knowledge are provided and accessible anywhere through the Internet. Learning is not limited in the classroom, but anybody can learn anywhere in anytime to enhance their knowledge.

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